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- We use SSL encryption throughout our website and there is no leakage during the transmission of your information.

- When paying, it is carried out in a third-party payment system. We will not know or know, and will not store or store your credit card number, Alipay account and other information. Therefore, there is absolutely no need to worry: your payment related information will leak here.

- When paying, don't close, refresh pay for the relevant page. After the payment is successful, need to wait until - the page returns to our website, prompts you to place an order successfully, and will receive our order confirmation email immediately.

- We support the following payment methods.





Support for many credit cards such as VISA MASTER AMERCIAN EXPRESS JCB

Note: It is recommended that you use Europe, preferably European Euro Credit Card Avoid exchange rate losses, credit card cross-regional fees and other issues.



This payment method, Using the computer to visit this website, after logging in to the account, click on the settlement, mobile payment Alipay APP scan code payment.

Mobile mode directly pays for this method, will cause Alipay prompt payment is successful, but the order is unsuccessful (Alipay will be 8 Automatic refund to everyone within hours)

If you have an EU credit card, strongly recommend to pay with EU credit card, no exchange rate difference, Cheaper than Alipay! !



For Germany, use German online banking to pay. Suitable for friends who don't have a credit card or Alipay.



For Belgium, the most popular payment method in Belgium, using a Belgian debit card. Suitable for friends who don't have a credit card or Alipay.

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