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In order to encourage everyone to share and invite friends to visit the DEERLIB.COM, we have developed this "Invitation Reward Program". The details are as follows:


1-How to invite friends

Sign up, sign in, go to My Account -> Sponsorship program

You can see your own "sponsor code" or "sponsorship link", share it with your friends via email, facebook, etc.


2-Reward for the invitee

With "sponsorship Link" (or enter "sponsor Code"), the invitee automatically gets 5 Euros in vocher

How to view: View this cash information in My Account -> vouchers

How to use: When placing an order, you can choose to use cash in the shopping cart

Amount Limit: There is a minimum spend requirement and will be automatically prompted at checkout

Time limit: This cash balance is valid within 60 days, and expires automatically.


3-Reward for the inviter

After inviting a friend to register, each time a friend successfully places an order (360 days after registration), you will receive this purchase. Amount 2% reward

How to view:View rewards in My Account -> My rewards account

How to use:
(1)Go to "My Account" -> "My rewards account", click "Transform my rewards into a voucher worth" button
(2) After the conversion is successful, you can see "AVAILABLE VOUCHERS" below, click "ADD TO CART" on the right
(3)When you enter the shopping cart, you can see that this offer is valid when you check out

Amount Limit: There are no minimum amount limits for the offer itself

Time limit:
(1) Only 360 days orders can be rewarded. No longer receive rewards from this friend’s order
(2) After clicking the button to convert the reward into a discount, the coupon is valid for 360 days

Additional instructions:
(1)2%, based on VAT-free amount
(2) If the order amount is less than the discount amount, the discount amount will be partially used and the unused amount will be void



Additional instructions:
The above award amount, reward terms, we reserve the right to modify according to the operation.
When you modify it, you will directly modify the settings in the system and the instructions here, and will not notify you individually.

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