Usually within 24 hours, ship from Germany or France (except holidays and weekends), you will receive Mail notification after delivery.

Express delivery, usually received in France 1~2 working days , other EU countries 2~5 working days (details below).

    • Express:

From Germany : The carrier is DHL

From France : The carrier is mainly UPS (may choose colissimo or chronopost of LA POSTE according to the order situation)

    • Shipping price:

As follows, the website will also automatic prompt and calculate when placing an order.

1. European Union countries and UK

(1) Express

Express delivery

[working day]

Shipping fee

Over this amount
50% off shipping

Over this amount
free shipping

France 1~2 8 69 99
2~3 10 69 129
2~4 11 69 129
EU countries
3~5 12 69 129
United Kingdom 2~4 16 69 129

  • Other EU countries: Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Monaco, Sweden, Austria, Portugal, Czech Republic, Denmark, Greece, Finland, Hungary, Ireland, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Bulgaria
  • United Kingdom: After Brexit in 2021, shipping costs increase by 4 euros

(2) Pick up at nearby "UPS ACCESS POINT"

Pick up

[working day]

Shipping fee

Over this amount
50% off shipping

Over this amount
free shipping

France 2~4 6 69 99
Other countries 4~5 8 69 129

  • Comment 1: Some countries or cities do not support this "self-pickup" method; or due to other reasons such as the epidemic, this method is temporarily unavailable. Therefore, in the "Express" step at checkout, you will automatically not be able to see this option, and you will not be able to select a pickup point near you (not separately explained).
  • Comment 2: In rare cases, due to various reasons (different countries or cities, no one at the time of delivery, inaccurate address information, courier company adjustments, etc.), although you choose "(1) Express" is used, but you still need to pick it up at a nearby courier point or post office.

2. Non-EU countries

Basic freight: Same price for shipping
Overweight: The excess part will be charged per KG
Customs clearance: General book parcels are rarely taxed. Situation in Switzerland: [please click here]; other non-EU countries: please find out for yourself.

[working day]

Basic freight


Excess part
Shipping fee per KG

ZONE 1 3~5 16 9KG 1
ZONE 2 5~7 16 6KG 2

  • ZONE 1:Switzerland, Croatia, Andorra, Liechtenstein
  • ZONE 2:Norway, Iceland, Malta, Cyprus, San Marino, Vatican, Macedonia

Additional instructions

1. Because of the different distances and other uncertainties, In rare cases, it may Please understand that your package is a few days late.

2. After the parcel arrives in some countries, it is forwarded to the postal express in the recipient’s country for finalization deliver. After delivery, the link you receive in the email can be tracked uniformly.

3. Switzerland and other non-EU countries may incur additional costs, such as customs clearance fees, product tariffs, etc. , These costs need to be borne by the customer.

4. Because the customer's own reasons such as incorrect address, no one at home, no name posted on the mailbox, long-term non-collection of the package, refusal of the package, etc., the package is returned, the cost of re-delivery will be borne by the customer.

If it is impossible to deliver the goods again, and there will be a return or refund, it will be processed in accordance with the terms in the [Return Method]. You need to bear the related express delivery costs and return shipping costs.

5. If you find that the product itself is severely damaged or missing due to express delivery after receiving it, please take photos (photographs of package appearance and damaged products), Contact customer service within 36 hours, we can verify and claim with the courier company. Process your after-sales service request.

Disclaimer: Because of the special nature of books, especially packaged books with boxes, they are heavy, The box is large in size and the carton is easily broken, so it may inevitably be broken and deformed during transportation. As long as the book itself is not severely damaged and does not affect reading, we will not process your after-sales service request. Placing an order on this website means accepting this clause. Thank you for your understanding and support!

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